About or Regarding This Website

cileo is an slightly organised, irrevalent look at cycling and sustainable transport in Melbourne, Australia, overseas, and possibly all sorts of stray ephemera that gets caught in between. I started this blog in 2004 & it has obviously entered an extended hiatus, although some pearls can be found in the micro-blogging sphere which is twitter.

As a termagant Femme d’Un Certain Age I’ve accumulated particular interests along the way which include autodidactism, beekeeping, bicycle wonk(ing), cats, commuter hubbard, growing stone fruits, urbanism, grassroots campaigning, information technology management, digital communications, marketing, media monitoring, website development, obviously spending far too much time dabbling on teh interwebs and playing radio producers. Basically I’m a colossal nerdchick who spents too much time reading either adafruit, instructables or trove and wishes she was better at coding and maths.

As Wilf Lunn once uttered, “You learn something new every day if you’re not careful.”

cfsmtb FAQ

What does cfsmtb mean? Can you pronounce it?

I was compiling an abridged social history relating to this. Then the writing muse grew legs and rode away.

What does cileo mean? Are you Italian or something?

cileo is another anagram, literally just means cfsmtb in low earth orbit condensed down to five letters of the alphabet. Not a first name, surname or really anything else really. I was quite fond of the look of the old Merlin Cielo’s though. If you have a spare one (in a small size) I’d like to hear from you.

Where’s the old cfsmtb blog?

It’s all here, I’ve finally imported the bloody carcass (800+ posts) and created a redirect. It’s still out there, loitering in cyberspace. Feel free to give it a visit sometime and give a tickle under the chin. I simply just got sick of fighting blogger, even if it’s apparentely out of beta mode.

What about beer and kittys? What are you doing with that blog?

SOON. Read the description: “A halfarsed ‘side project’ to my usual blathering on about bicycles & transport ephemera” Which means it will probably remain a half-arsed side project until I figure out whether to import it over here. Possibly.

A Snippet of cfsmtb history
Malvernia Star@ Fringe Parade 2001
Fig: a – Fringe Parade 2001.

Me being quite silly in front of 90, 000 other silly people in Brunswick Street.

Yes the cluster bra was very heavy, the handlebar helmet was more so.

The entire ensemble literally had to be cut off me later in a Fitzroy laneway, with a several nasty wounds from the zipties and sharp tie-wire ends. Ouch, but that’s real suffering for your art.

Pity the B&W doesn’t do Funky Furry Frank justice, it’s one hell of a dragster with fur, pom-poms and feather boas.

The Fringe Parade doesn’t happen anymore, 9-11 occured the week before and resulting public insurance issues helped it into a early grave. You’ve got to admit it did have a good run though.